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giving furniture an infinite life

about us

Business and Consumers in EU member states
dispose of an estimated 10 million tonnes of furniture every year, to mostly landfills or incineration.

In Germany, this “waste” estimate is about  2.3 million tonnes per annum 

We, die wiederverwerter, are a Berlin-based circular economy furniture intervention that has the potential to help counter these waste trends, with reuse and refurbishment allowing for value from more than recycling.
EU wide reuse activity in the furniture sector is low. Where reuse does occur, it is mostly through commercial second-hand shops, social enterprise companies or charities. Some furniture items are also exchanged via free and paid exchange platforms, such as eBay and freecycle, though the number of items traded in this way is difficult to quantify.

We offer a planet-friendly eco-benefit in all our furniture reuse 

activities. We also promote economic growth and job creation within the German furniture industry while saving on resources and the environment. We are realising these economic, environmental and social benefits by supporting the adoption of appropriate demand and supply chain levers of used furniture.

Die wiederverwerter is now focusing on Germany. We will expand to other EU states subsequently.

About EN

our vision

The "old" furniture economy is designed as linear: 
Make, Use and Dump.

We are fully committed to a circular furniture economy. Our goal is to maintain a future smart business model, a circular one, so as to ensure we continue to give used furniture an infinite life in Germany.


But what does that mean?

We will give furniture an infinite life by sustaining the loop.

As a reuse organization, we feel super responsible for our planet and therefore want to contribute to the circular furniture economy.

reuse, furniture, infinity = refurni


Die wiederverwerter harvests used premium quality furniture, which are normally seen as waste products and disposed of when no longer needed. In a circular furniture economy, we close the furniture loops by reuse.

We believe that refurni guarantees and supports reuse of furniture products whenever possible in order to prevent waste production. It works by combining innovative furniture service delivery and affordability.


Die wiederverwerter also stays future smart by consulting and advising businesses and consumers on the responsible and clever use of furniture.

vision EN


we collect reusable furniture from offices or homes


we certify the furniture and prepare it for its
new life


we deliver the sold furniture to its new


we advise businnesses
and consumers
on reuse

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the team

our references



address: Landsberger Allee 394, 12681 Berlin

tel: 0176 966 47 682  |

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